About King Friday LLC

Technology may not be your core competency, but it is certainly where our passion lies. With the founders' combined 30+ years in senior roles at Microsoft (including Senior Director, Online Services) and executive roles at companies like Expedia (including Vice President, Technology), King Friday LLC was formed in 2011 to focus on bringing individual service and technology expertise to the small business and nonprofit communities in the greater Seattle area.

Recent client projects include serving as the CTO (and all things technical) for a local NonProfit, supplementing development capacity for a local SAAS software company, and launching small business web and email solutions. Our service areas range from consulting to Chromebook deployments and management, to Office 365 migrations for Exchange email and Document Management. King Friday LLC also operates the iOS application "Plane Tail Tracker" used on iPhones, as well as the Seattle 911 Alerting System.

Terry "Tee" Earls (Linkedin profile) has worked on client projects fulltime since 2012. Tee's background includes consulting through Pricewaterhouse, working at a local tech startup and nearly 14 years at Microsoft in multiple roles, ranging from Internal IT operations to leading International development and program management teams for Microsoft's Online Services Division based in London. Tee left Microsoft as Senior Director for Online Services in 2012. He is in the process of earning his MBA from Washington State University.

Our Rates are highly competitive. For small projects, it almost always is less expensive to pay on a time-and-materials basis. We charge $200/hr (discounted to $150/hr for nonprofits). We find that many activities only involve a few hours of actual work. For more involved projects or ongoing engagements, we are happy to provide specific project rates. We are always happy to provide some guidance and free estimates.

Email us at tee@kingfriday.com or call us at 206-605-3547